Best Basketball Shoes Under 5000

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It could be challenging to choose the best basketball shoes under 5000 for your game. The top basketball shoes on the market do not always have to be the finest for you. Before choosing the best basketball shoes for them, each player must take into account both their preferences and a number of other aspects. You may need to take into account elements like comfort, foot breadth, playing surface, etc. whether you are an experienced player wanting to get a new pair of basketball shoes or a novice trying to purchase your first pair of basketball shoes. These may frequently be the deciding factor in a tight game and provide you the advantage you need to prevail.

best basketball shoes under 5000
Best Basketball Shoes Under 5000

Basketball is frequently played on a variety of surfaces in India. These include standard cement courts, matting courts, and the high-end wooden courts. Each of them calls for a unique style of basketball shoes with a unique kind of sole. The material used to manufacture the top section of the basketball shoes is a crucial consideration for Indian basketball players. The upper of the shoe ought to be breathable enough for you to play comfortably in hot Indian weather.

Best Basketball Shoes Under 5000:

In this evaluation, we analyze each of these variables and provide to you the top basketball shoes available for online purchase in India. Let’s get going!

Adidas Basketball Shoes


  1. Manufacturer: Adidas
  2. Lace-up Closure
  3. Flat Heel
  4. Weight: 780g
  5. Mesh Material

Puma Basketball Shoes


  1. Manufacturer: Puma
  2. Lace-up Closure
  3. Flat Heel
  4. Weight: 1kg
  5. Textile and Rubber Material

Nike Basketball Shoes


  1. Manufacturer: Nike
  2. Lace-up Closure
  3. No Heel Type
  4. Weight: 800g
  5. Mesh Material

Nivia Basketball Shoes


  1. Manufacturer: Nivia
  2. Premium laminated PU Insock top made of polyester fabric.
  3. With a TPU Shank heel support, the rubber outsole is non-marking.
  4. Midsole shock-absorbing Phylon.
  5. Excellent ankle containment with sculpted and padded collar.
  6. Nylon lace with standard adjustments.
  7. Ankle is securely held in place with a hook and loop strap.
  8. High density foam supporting a polyester liner.

Nike Hustle Basketball Shoes


  1. Manufacturer: Nike
  2. Lace-up Closure
  3. No Heel Type
  4. Weight: 500g
  5. Leather Material

Buying Guide Basketball Shoes


The most important component of the basketball shoes is the soles. Different properties of soles include comfort, flexibility, and traction.

Foams make up the soles. There are several types of soles produced from various foams

  • Rubber
  • Both compressed EVA foam and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam
  • PU polyurethane is more resilient


Since outdoor playing fields have a rough surface, thick rubber is employed to construct the soles. Since indoor playing surfaces are smooth, soles are made of thin rubber.

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  • Thick rubber sole:- It offers excellent traction (outdoor surface)
  • Thin rubber sole:- It is light, which is great for actions that happen quickly.


  • After 6–8 months, it loses its suppleness and turns stiff and brittle.

Both compressed EVA foam and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam

When compared to polyurethane midsoles, EVA and compressed EVA foam are the lightest options. In the world of sporting shoes, EVA is frequently employed.

Benefits of EVA:

  • Lightweight, making it perfect for quick movements.

EVA’s drawbacks include:

  • When subjected to continuous stresses like walking and running, it shrinks more quickly and no longer regains its normal shape.


PU (Polyurethane) Soles are heavier than conventional foam soles, not lighter. Due of the difficulty of playing in heavier basketball shoes, it is extremely seldom utilized in sports shoes.

Positive aspects:

  • Long-term stability and stress absorption are provided by it.

Negative aspects:

  • It is brittle and has poor ventilation.

Closure Laces

For increased comfort when jogging and walking, basketball shoelaces are utilized to snugly fit our shoes and feet. There are more styles of lace-free shoes available nowadays. People still like shoes with laces, though.


  • standard shoelaces
  • Velcro
  • elastic laces with no ties

Standard shoelaces

There have been conventional shoelaces for a very long time. The main benefit of using a conventional shoelace is that we may change the hardness of the shoe to suit our preferences. So, it offers a great level of comfort.


  • If the laces are not tied properly, there is a possibility of tripping.


Basketball shoes frequently have Velcro lacing. As opposed to shoes with traditional shoelaces, Velcro shoes allow us to swiftly put them on and take them off with less effort.


  • After some use, Velcro loosens very quickly and doesn’t give our feet and shoes a secure grip.

Elastic laces with no ties

Everyone may benefit greatly from using these no-tie elastic laces, but persons with hip or back injuries more so. One benefit of these no-tie lacing shoes is that they offer better comfort and a more personalized grip.


  • These no-tie elastic laces loosen up and lose their comfort over time, just like Velcro.

Width of basketball shoes

When purchasing basketball shoes, the shoe width must be taken into account. Selecting the incorrect shoe width results in discomfort and other medical problems.

Advice for picking the proper width:

  1. Do whatever it takes not to buy basketball shoes considering prior purchases because your feet change long term.
  2. Before buying shoes, take your feet’s assessments.
  3. Utilize an assessment reference for basketball shoes.
  4. Make wary to walk around the shoes you expect to buy since shoe sizes change starting with one brand then onto the next to purchase.


There are a couple of variables that impact how long the shoes will persevere. We ought to explore them.

Never play out numerous undertakings while wearing the shoes:

The strength of the shoes is instantly brought somewhere around performing different undertakings. Exactly when you get ball shoes, you should simply include them for playing basketball. Endlessly running can truncate the future of your basketball shoes.

Pick soles of good grade:

Your shoes will get through longer expecting that you pick extraordinary soles. Have some familiarity with your purchase’s inspiration before making your choice of significant worth soles.


Make careful to dry your shoes each time you wear them by disposing of the soles and permitting them to air dry in the sun.

Surface Area:

Ball courts go with a combination of playing surfaces.

  • Hardwood
  • Dark top


Hardwood flooring is used on basketball courts inside. Hard maple is utilized to make hardwood flooring and is accessible in fields at both the state and public levels. Dividing is done whatever it takes not to by use maple.

Dark top

Because of its flexibility to all environment conditions, dark top deck is most frequently utilized for outdoors basketball court surfaces. On outdoors courts or in the streets, new players get the game.

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Various Elements

Foot Support

Sports wounds most frequently achieve lower leg sprains. The misguided footwear decision could hurt serious lower leg. The most clear philosophy to plan for lower leg issues is to wear high top shoes. Exactly when you hop, high top shoes cushion the impact while furthermore supporting and getting your lower legs. When stood out from low top and mid top shoes, these shoes are heavier.

An assistance bend

A fundamental part for the prosperity of your feet is bend support. Since the bend ingests the greater part of the pressure during advancements, it needs more unmistakable assistance than various locale of the foot.

We should be careful in order to pick basketball shoes that fit well and support our bend while getting them.

Knee help

The best joint in our body is the knee. Ball games routinely achieve knee wounds since players contribute more energy skipping, which puts their knees under a lot of strain. Picking the legitimate basketball shoes will help you with avoiding knee issues in the future since skipping overburdens the knees.

Low-Heeled Shoes

But Low Tops seem to be athletic shoes, they offer basic levels of flexibility for contenders playing the Guard position.


  • Versatile and adaptable


  • It is less strong and doesn’t give lower leg support.

Mid-Top Sneakers

Shoes with a mid-top arrangement versatile assistance that is changed. In any case, it doesn’t offer a comparable proportion of lower leg support as High Top Shoes.


  • Doesn’t confine advancement how high tops do


  • Less incredible

High-Heeled Shoes

High tops are the best for enormous players since they offer acceptable lower leg support, which diminishes the bet of lower leg wounds.


  • Robust and provides effective stress absorption.


  • Heavy and limits the player’s movement

This concludes our evaluation of the top basketball shoes available for purchase in India online. If you think we overlooked a solid selection, please let us know in the comments section.


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